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Determinants of seclusion after aggression in psychiatric inpatients.

TitelDeterminants of seclusion after aggression in psychiatric inpatients.
PublicatietypeJournal Article
Jaar van publicatie2012
AuteursVruwink FJ, Noorthoorn EO, Nijman HLI, VanDerNagel JEl, Hox JJ, Mulder CL
UitgaveArch Psychiatr Nurs
Publicatiedatum2012 Aug
TrefwoordenAdult, Aggression, Cohort Studies, Female, Hospitals, Psychiatric, Humans, Longitudinal Studies, Male, Mental Disorders, Middle Aged, Nursing Assessment, Personality Assessment, Risk Factors, Security Measures, Social Environment, Social Isolation

Some aggressive incidents in psychiatric wards result in seclusion, whereas others do not. We used the Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised and the mental health trust's database to identify determinants that predicted seclusion after aggression. These consisted of demographic, diagnostic, contextual, and aggression characteristics and were analyzed in a multilevel logistic regression. This showed associations between seclusion and aggression for the following: younger age, involuntary status, history of previous aggression, physical or dangerous violence, aggression being directed against objects, and a more severe incident. Thus, seclusion after aggression appears to be mainly predicted by aggression itself.

Alternatieve uitgaveArch Psychiatr Nurs
PubMed ID22835750