Nijmegen Institute for Scientist-Practitioners in Addiction

Reliability and validity of the Dutch version of the Readiness to Change Questionnaire.

TitelReliability and validity of the Dutch version of the Readiness to Change Questionnaire.
PublicatietypeJournal Article
Jaar van publicatie2002
AuteursDe Fuentes-Merillas L, DeJong CA, Schippers GM
UitgaveAlcohol Alcohol
Publicatiedatum2002 Jan-Feb
TrefwoordenAdolescent, Adult, Aged, Alcohol Drinking, Alcoholism, Attitude to Health, Female, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Netherlands, Psychometrics, Questionnaires, Reproducibility of Results, Translating

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Readiness to Change Questionnaire (RCQ-D). The subjects were 246 excessive drinkers admitted to an addiction treatment centre and 54 offenders convicted of an alcohol-related crime in The Netherlands. The factor structure of the RCQ-D for the two samples combined was found to be consistent with the three-factor structure established for the original RCQ. The reliability of the items for each scale was found to be satisfactory. Allocated stage of change showed significant differences between the different subsamples. As expected, the scale scores for adjacent stages of change showed significantly higher inter-correlations than the scale scores for non-adjacent stages. Additionally, the negatively formulated items from the pre-contemplation scale were reformulated positively and their internal consistency tested among the offender sample. The positively formulated pre-contemplation items showed a higher alpha value than the negatively formulated items. We therefore suggest that the positively formulated items should replace the negatively formulated ones.

Alternatieve uitgaveAlcohol Alcohol.
PubMed ID11825864