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Bruguera P, Ilzarbe D, Batalla A, Udina M, Roca JM, Pons A, Lomeña F, Martin-Santos R, Parellada E.  2014.  Clinical use of SPECT DaTSCAN in psychiatric population: one-year outcomes of a prospective case series. Psiquiatría Biológica. 21(1)
Binelli C, Subirà S, Batalla A, Muñiz A, Sugranyés G, Crippa JA, Farré M, Pérez-Jurado L, Martin-Santos R.  2014.  Common and distinct neural correlates of facial emotion processing in social anxiety disorder and Williams syndrome: A systematic review and voxel-based meta-analysis of functional resonance imaging studies.. Neuropsychologia. 64C:205-217.
Pujol J, Blanco-Hinojo L, Batalla A, López-Sola C, Harrison BJ, Soriano-Mas C, Crippa JA, Fagundo AB, Deus J, de la Torre R et al..  2014.  Functional connectivity alterations in brain networks relevant to self-awareness in chronic cannabis users.. J Psychiatr Res. 51:68-78.
Batalla A, Soriano-Mas C, López-Sola C, Torrens M, Crippa JA, Bhattacharyya S, Blanco-Hinojo L, Fagundo AB, Harrison BJ, Nogué S et al..  2014.  Modulation of brain structure by catechol-O-methyltransferase Val(158) Met polymorphism in chronic cannabis users.. Addict Biol. 19(4):722-32.
Batalla A, Crippa JA, Busatto GF, Guimaraes FS, Zuardi AW, Valverde O, Atakan Z, McGuire PK, Bhattacharyya S, Martin-Santos R.  2014.  Neuroimaging studies of acute effects of THC and CBD in humans and animals: a systematic review.. Curr Pharm Des. 20(13):2168-85.
López-Pelayo H, Fabrega M, Batalla A, Garrido JM, Balcells-Oliveró M, Gual A.  2014.  Risk perception in the ongoing prescription of benzodiazepines in mental health and primary care. Addiciones. 26(2)