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Van Kampen-Dunkerbeck A, Cousijn J, Engel C, Rinck M, Dijkstra BAG.  2019.  Attentional bias, craving and cannabis use in an inpatient sample of adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cannabis use disorder: The moderating role of cognitive control. Addict Behav. 100:106126.
Groefsema MM, Engels RCME, Voon V, Schellekens AFA, Luijten M, Sescousse G.  2019.  Brain responses to anticipating and receiving beer: Comparing light, at-risk, and dependent alcohol users. Addict Biol. :e12766.
Rensen YCM, Egger JIM, Westhoff J, Walvoort SJW, Kessels RPC.  2019.  The effect of errorless learning on psychotic and affective symptoms, as well as aggression and apathy in patients with Korsakoff's syndrome in long-term care facilities. Int Psychogeriatr. 31(1):39-47.
Rensen YCM, Egger JIM, Westhoff J, Walvoort SJW, Kessels RPC.  2019.  Errorless (re)learning of everyday activities in patients with Korsakoff's syndrome: A feasibility study. Neuropsychol Rehabil. 29(8):1211-1225.
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Ebenau A, Dijkstra BAG, Huurne CTer, Hasselaar J, Vissers K, Groot M.  2019.  Palliative care for people with substance use disorder and multiple problems: a qualitative study on experiences of patients and proxies. BMC Palliat Care. 18(1):56.
van Esch AMJ, Fest A, Hoffland BS, Janzing JGE, Steens SCA, Esselink RAJ, Schellekens AFA.  2019.  Toxic Leukoencephalopathy Presenting as Lethal Catatonia. J Addict Med. 13(3):241-244.